Ambassador Team

Meet our lovely little team of Ambassadors! Who help spread all the love for Elven Wick and take some of the gorgeous photos used on our website! 



"Hi my names Abbey and I come from the city of Bristol in the U.K.

I have always loved books from a young age and I do think my mum had a big part to play in it because she is also a fellow bookworm.

I would have to say Fantasy is my favourite genre and I’m a massive fan of Disney and Studio Ghibli movies.

I joined bookstagram to find other book lovers who I could share my passion with and I found a lot more than that!

Bookstagram opened me up to a whole world of bookish goodies I had no idea about and I’m so grateful as that is where I discovered Sams Elven Wick Candle shop.

I entered her first ever rep search and with never being picked by a shop before my hopes weren’t high but when I found out I had been selected I was beyond excited!! I’ve been lucky enough to be a rep ever since and now she’s asked me to be an ambassador and I’m so grateful to be part of the Elven Wick family.

It’s been amazing watching Sams shop grow and her introduce her amazing artwork which is so beautiful.

I can’t wait to see where Elven Wick goes in the future and I’m very proud and thankful I get to be part of it."



'Hello! I'm Alison, a 20-something History and Archaeology graduate from Scotland. I'm obsessed with all things cosy - tea, blankets, candles and reading. When I'm not hibernating in my blankets, you can find me out visiting a museum, castle, or hiking! My favourite series is currently Stalking Jack the Ripper, but that could change! I'd tell you my favourite Elven Wick candle, but that seems like an impossible task. Cleopatra, Ragnar and Mauraders Map are in the running, but there are many many more. Much love x'

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